Canon Printer errors are unavoidable.  Therefore, it is significant to have the basic knowledge on how to troubleshoot in printer to avoid further delays in printing and damage. Multi function printers like Canon PIXMA MP237 are more vulnerable to errors because of its more difficult interior.

Canon Printer Errors Are Mentioned below along with their fixes:

Error 02 -03


The major reason for the appearance of this error is paper problems which mean:

  • Jamming of Paper.
  • Not picking up of Printer roller.
  •  Printer found no paper.


Begin from the middle – Press resume printing. While removing a paper jam, stay away from pulling fixed paper from the front cover. Instead, drag it from the paper tray. If number of paper stuck in it, begin from the middle and drag out one paper at a time.

Clean paper rollers – moreover the paper roller requires replacing or cleaning. Whatever is the cause, ensure if the paper roller is worn out or dirty. Also confirm that they are well aligned to the paper.

Load again printer-Once again start printer & reload paper. Depending on the size of paper and kind of paper, watch the maximum capacity of the paper feeder and arrangement.

Error 05:


  • Canon printer ink cartridge inaccurately installation.
  • Installation of a wrong printer cartridge.
  • Print head is not found by the printer.

For Canon MP237 series, an orange light that blinks 5 times is one of the root cause of this error.


Reinstall cartridge – Try eliminating the Canon ink cartridge and install it again. If your printer utilize multi color, be confirm that each cartridge is installed to its selected compartment.

Clean ink cartridge – If the print head is not discovered, this could mean that the ink cartridge may be soiled or stopped. Clean your Canon printer ink cartridge and install again.

Reset counter – A cartridge page yield is watched through a smart counter. When the greatest page number is reached, in spite of whether the cartridge still has ink or not, the printer will illustrate low ink level and stop until a replacement is installed. However, you can avoid this by resetting the counter.

Error 5100


This is a service error. In this printer may have problem picking up the paper due to foreign objects or stopper.


Restart printer –

Turn off printer and remove cables. Connect again the cables and turn it on again. Wait until printer is completely set then execute test print.

Remove stopper or foreign objects –

If your printer is fresh, the stopper or the orange tape situated on the cartridge compartment and paper rollers might still be attached. Eliminate them cautiously and ensure printer again.  For foreign object, turn off and remove printer plug before searching for objects in the printer that may be creating the problem.

Canon PIXMA MP237 has two error lights that blink on occurrence of problem- orange for service error and green for other issues.

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