Ink cartridge cannot be recognized is a practically an ordinary error experienced by many Epson printer users. And getting one of these messages can be most annoying, because ‘cartridge(s) not recognized’ error usually translates into ‘printer not working. In other words…you are unable to print anything until the error is cleared.

If your printer is currently non operational – with ‘Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ error (similar to above), don’t fear. The solution can often be as easy as switching the printer off and on again. If that doesn’t works and the issue still persists…read on.

What are reasons for ‘Ink cartridge cannot be recognized’ errors?

There is no straightforward answer to this…there can be many reasons.  It can get caused by just about anything from  cartridge such as declared empty by the printer to outdated or faulty chip, missing or incorrectly installed (not clicked in properly) cartridge, ink on the chip or printer contacts.  It can also symbolize some hardware fault with the printer itself.

Note: It’s absolutely normal to see ‘Ink cartridges not recognized’ error with almost empty/empty Epson ink cartridges.

Is ‘Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ error be fixed?

Usually yes, unless you have received Epson driver/firmware updates.  If for example the printer fails to identify one or more ink cartridges after you enabled an update, there may not be big deal can do about it, other than buy new Epson cartridge(s). Once an update is in your system, there’s no getting free of it. Printer driver update cannot be detached by deleting files, programs etc. Yet formatting your hard drive and re-installing the original printer driver (from disk) will not attain anything. Why? Driver update can everlastingly change the printer firmware (in the printer itself) – and there is no simple fix for this. The only thing you can do at this point is stop future updates and moreover buy a set of authentic Epson cartridges, wait until updated compatible, refillable or CISS cartridges become accessible, or throw the printer out and buy another one. This time, take more care and don’t enable driver updates in the method.

Mandatory: Some printer model drivers may not provide the choices to disable driver updates during the set up method. With these printers, you may have to physically de-select the updates after the printer is installed and/or set up your firewall to reject/warn of any system updates trying to upload to your computer. Each printer and operating system deals with driver updates in unique way, but the common principle is the same.

Methods to fix Epson ‘Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ error:

Ink cartridges cannot be recognized errors not associated to printer driver update, or an empty cartridge can signify that either a cartridge is not clicked in properly, the chip is dirty, defective, or the chip contacts (in printer) are broken. Try following the steps mentioned below to verify which it is. Make clear that the printer is powered on – unless recommended otherwise.

1.  Eliminate/install the ‘not recognized’ ink cartridge. Epson ‘ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ error can basically mean that the cartridges are not clicked in appropriately. Non authentic cartridges and particularly CISS cartridges can take a fair amount of force when installing – more than Epson real cartridges. Shut the printer lid and/or tap the ‘Ink’ button on printer – when completed. If the error vanishes and the printer now says ‘Charging ink’ or returns to the usual ‘home’ display, the issue is solved. If the ‘Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ message returns, try repeating this procedure once before moving to the subsequent step.

2.Eliminate all ink cartridges and check the cartridge chips. If unclean or inky, clean all chips with wet tissue then rub with dry. Fit cartridges again in printer. If the cartridges not recognized’ message returns, go to subsequently step.

3.Eradicate all ink cartridges, shut the printer lid and turn the printer power off. Power the printer back on and fit only the initially; not recognized’ cartridge. Shut the printer lid and/or tap the ‘Ink’ button,, wait while the printer is examining ink cartridges’ and see if it now identifies the ‘faulty’ cartridge. If yes, fit all the left over ink cartridges, then shut the lid and/or tap the “Ink” button. If the same error proceeds, try repeating this method once more, before moving on to next step.

4.If you still have the new cartridge set that came packed with your printer (or any other cartridges) try installing that set. If the error clears, this would signify your other ‘not recognized’ cartridges/chips may be defective.  If the same Ink not recognized’ message displays with the replacement (for same cartridges), go to subsequently step.

5. Eliminate all cartridges and examine the chip contacts (in printer). Epson printers utilizes a series of thin gold plated wire contacts that the cartridge chip slides and presses against – when cartridge is installed. These contacts can decay, or attach to the chip, mostly if they ever had any ink contamination. The wires can occasionally bend, or even get pulled out – with cartridge, when it is detached. If this is the situation, there may not be that much you can do to secure it, other than getting the printer serviced.

Note: If you can locate the missing wire contact and it’s not broken, occasionally it’s possible to push it back in its slot. It’s tricky and you require good eyes, but it can be done.

WARNING: Switch printer off at power point or detach the power cable before executing any printer repairs. Also be very cautious, not to bend or spoil some other part in the process.

  1. If all the wire contacts emerges ok, try cleaning them with wet cotton bud or alike until they’re all clean. It is an excellent idea to remove plug of the power cord any time you’re working on the chip contacts. When completed, install all cartridges back in printer, plug the power cord back in, turn printer power back on and….see what happens.

We wish that you have fruitfully fixed ‘Ink cartridges cannot be recognized’ issue or if you are unable to do so or any issue comes across you while doing so, simply dial our toll-free Epson Printer Support Number to easily fix issue under guidance of certified technicians. Feel-free to dial us whenever require, we are accessible round the clock for your assistance.

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